Using Widgets on iOS10 Properly

This is a tutorial for using MY WIDGETS, and my widgets only, on iOS10. I can only speak for myself about how I code my widgets.

First piece of advice: check my twitter (@ev_ynw) once every few days. That’s where I release widgets, make announcements, push updates, share news etc. If you’ve checked my twitter regularly, you would already know all the stuff below.

1) What kind of widgets are affected?

If the widget you’re intending to download/use only contains clock and/or calendar, i.e. without weather data and battery stats, then that widget is unaffected. Technically, you won’t have to follow this tutorial for such widgets.

However, if you want to use widgets with weather and/or battery stats, then first check the “compatible iOS versions” on the widgets’ repo pages. If it shows “iOS8-iOS9-iOS10”, then you can skip to Q5 below.

If it shows only “iOS8-iOS9”, then you’ll have to follow this entire tutorial.

2) Why does my phone go into safe mode after applying a widget?

The thing causing safe modes is InfoStats 2 (actually it’s Webcycript, which IS2 depends on). Either way, having IS2 installed and applying a widget using IS2 will cause your phone to crash.

3) I haven’t installed IS2 myself, why the heck is it here on my phone?

During the 9.3.3 days, people complained about my widgets not properly showing battery info because they didn’t know how to read the reminder in the repo description. That’s why I added IS2 as a package dependency to all battery & weather widgets.

If you download widgets from my repo, IS2 will be installed automatically as it’s basically attached to those widgets.

4) How to solve this dependency problem?

I’ve stopped adding IS2 as a dependency to my recent widgets already. But right now I have around 170 widgets on my repo, that’s impossible for me to remove it for all of them one by one. And I’m gonna need them as well after IS2 eventually becomes compatible.

So the solution is: install my widgets from my Dropbox public folder (

Download any widget (e.g. LS EW104) >> Open in Filza/iFile >> Unzip it >> You’ll find a new folder called LS EW104 >> Open it >> You’ll probably see another LS EW104 folder >> Copy/Cut it >> Paste it in the correct directory >> Apply it >> BAM.

Common directories:

LockHTML4: /var/mobile/Library/LockHTML/

SBHTML: /var/mobile/Library/SBHTML/

iWidgets: /var/mobile/Library/iWidgets/

5) Does battery & weather work for your widgets on iOS10 then?

For my pre-iOS10-days widgets, the battery info uses IS2 code, so no, they don’t work on iOS10 at this moment.

But for new widgets, check the repo description: if it states that it requires InfoStats for iOS10, then yes it is compatible with iOS10. You’ll need to install InfoStats from this repo:

As for weather info, you’ll find an alternative html in the widget folder (e.g. /var/mobile/Library/LockHTML/LS EW104) marked LockBackground(wcode).html [for iWidgets you’ll probably find it in the “ALTs” folder within the widget folder]

  • Rename the original LockBackground.html to anything else, e.g. LockBackground(IS2).html
  • Rename LockBackground(wcode).html back to LockBackground.html
  • Open Config.js. Enter your weather code and change other settings if necessary
  • BAM.

Same goes for SBHTMLs and iWidgets (should be pretty intuitive)

If you’re unsure what to do with the rest of everything, read my pinned tweet:

I’ve been extremely detailed in this tutorial. And if you’re still lost af, then sorry there’s nothing else I can do for ya. ╮(╯_╰)╭

TL;DR InfoStats 2 is not yet compatible with iOS10. Installing it will cause safe mode loops. Remove it and you’ll be fine. Download widgets from my Dropbox. Use alt html for weather info.

Good luck. I’m out. Find me on twitter. 🙂


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